Any Business
The Fleet Fuel Management Program will help you control fuel cost. Monthly fuel management reports contain all purchases on one statement. No more lost receipts.

Complete purchase records for each vehicle
Each Fleet management card is encoded with all the information needed to control the fueling of a single vehicle. Each purchase is recorded automatically. If a card is lost or stolen, one phone call will lock it out of every Fleet management location.

Control type of fuel purchased
Prevent misfueling and the unnecessary expense of premium grades.

Reduced Paperwork
If you're spending even an hour a month reconciling fuel purchases (and we bet you spend more), that's an hour more than you'd need to spend.

Automatic tax accounting
With Fleet management you can separate taxable from nontaxable fuel.

Is fuel getting used where it's supposed to?
As an option, you may require odometer readings at each purchase. Sudden change in MPG may mean that fuel isn't really going into this vehicle's tank. Gauge vehicle and deliver efficiency with MPG. Schedule routine maintenance with odometer readings.

Control who fuels the vehicle
Each driver is assigned a driver card. With this card, you control which vehicle a driver may fuel. Add or lock out a driver with a phone call.

Control where the vehicle is fueled
Prevent unauthorized purchase outside a driver's route. Track drivers for more efficient routing.

Customer care
Now you CAN work with a company close to home that cares about its Hometown customers and has built a reputation on personalized customer service.

Saves money and time
Time is money in today's world. If you are interested in saving time and money... and improving the efficiency of your record keeping, complete this application for more information. We look forward to explaining our system and its many benefits in more detail.